Ji-Sho-Ken, the 8 tatami room, set for a Ryurei temae

I offer demonstrations of the Japanese Tea Ceremony on a regular basis.
The demonstration consists of an introduction, followed by the preparation of “Usucha” (thin tea). Each guest will receive a bowl of tea. The ceremony will be “Ryurei “style, a procedure developed by Gengensai, the 11th Urasenke Grandmaster. The procedure is performed on an especially designed table. The guests do not have to knee on the tatami but sit on stools. A demonstration lasts about one hour.

A maximum of five guests can be seated in one session of the demonstration. A calendar with times of the sessions will be published on this website. To make a booking, contact Bastian under contacts.

The price of a demonstration is €15.00 per person and €20.00 for two people booking together.

Guests should arrive 15 minutes before the allocated time and bring socks (preferable white ones) to wear in the tea room.